Sealed With A Kiss

Love, RosieLove, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For this book, I loved the way it was told through a collection of letters, email exchanges and chats. The characters felt real and their stories, relatable.

But then, I guess because it felt too real that it made me feel frustrated with Rosie and Alex’s love story. They couldn’t seem to just get there. It took them almost fifty years to finally find their way in each other’s arms. Yes, it was a happy ending, but I still didn’t feel that happy — I’m not sure why.

For the Epilogue, I was expecting Rosie to be grabbing a pen and paper after reading the last letter and then before she ends her reply Alex would knock on her door and instead of writing the words she wanted to say all this time, she would finally say it to him face to face. But that’s just something I imagined. The ending was still romantic.

After finishing the book, I still felt frustrated for all the missed opportunities which presented themselves to the main characters. I was wishing that somehow, they’d get together and finally face some dilemmas “together” instead of facing challenges keeping them apart. I guess that’s why there were some parts (particularly in Parts 4 & 5) that felt a bit dragging because it just presents same problems in different settings all over again. Probably that’s why I felt really frustrated for them.

Also, I can’t stop thinking that Katie and Toby’s love story was told as a wake-up call to the main protagonists. The Katie-Toby story was Rosie and Alex’s could’ve been if only they were brave enough to risk their strongly founded friendship and going beyond one step higher.

I guess, from what I gathered in their story, timing is such a fickle friend. You never really know when it’s going to help you or when it’s going to leave you in a battered state. Anyway, I hope I get to move on quickly from this frustration since Rosie and Alex finally found their happy ending. đŸ˜‰

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That One Title V

Today I would like to share a couple of songs I like which are both called Words. They have some other similarities besides their title. In my own interpretation of the lyrics, both songs seem to say that words can be used to hurt us but we must learn how to accept them to make ourselves stronger.

What do you think these songs mean? Do you agree with my take on these songs? Share your thoughts. And enjoy listening. đŸ™‚

1. Words by Train

2. Words by Between The Trees

Thoughts Of Her

This post is one of the challenges I made for myself this year. I want to inspire someone every day — if I can — by writing random thoughts about her. I will edit this post every time my mind comes up with some random musings about her. She knows very well that I am not so good when it comes to talking so I’ll make her feel inspired through a medium I can be good at, that is writing. This will be somewhat like a journal where I write my thoughts of her, taking note of the day it came up on my mind. I am hoping that she would read this post and check it as often as she can. My main goal is to make her smile even though I’m not always by her side. She may not know it but her smile is contagious, I just can’t help but smile when she does.

~ To you, stay happy. ~

March 18
After so long you finally responded to me again. I was worried you were having some problems, so I guess I’d have to say I’m sorry for flooding you with messages. At least now I know that you are alright.

February 20
It seems funny that sometimes I feel like we are driving down a one-way street because I can never seem to meet you. I wish the street we are on would have been two-way so at least, even though we drive on opposite directions, we still get the chance to see each other’s faces.

I truly am amazed that despite the perception of most people that I am standing on a pedestal and always ready to deliver my speech, I can never seem to step up in front of you and say my piece. Words fail me when I’m with you. However, your presence amid the silence is curiously comforting.

February 17
It has been so long — or it feels like it — since you last gave me a response. It was wonderful.

February 14
I wish that the flowers I sent you yesterday in remembrance of our first “date” exactly five years ago made you smile the way you made my heart smile when you thanked me.

February 11
For this day, I would like to quote a line from Birdy’s song called Wings. “In the moment we’re lost and found, I just wanna be by your side if these wings could fly.”

January 29
As I ate a bar of KitKat a thought came into mind: I wish I could give you all the KitKats in the world so you can have more breaks and I can see you more often.

January 25
I was hoping I could see you, but I guess the circumstances would not permit. If only I could give you all the break time in the world just so I could see you again, see you smile once again, I would feel so blissful.

January 24
I miss your messages. I miss your smile. I miss your presence. I miss you. My week has been tough but when I think of you things become lighter. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

January 21
Every morning as I wake up, I think about how to make you happy for the rest of your day. I feel bad for coming up only with “good morning” messages because I’m too far away to tell it to you face to face.

January 20
I wish we could have seen each other. It’s been a week since we last saw each other but it feels longer. If only I can be near you most of my time.

January 17
I miss you. Hoping that we can see each other once more.

January 15
Today, I’m thankful and very truly happy because despite of your busy day, you took time to respond to my messages. You don’t know how much you made someone happy today. I hope I can make you happy for the rest of your day, too.

January 14
Earlier this morning I was thinking of our breakfast last Sunday. I just realized how much I like listening to you. Your mere presence makes me happy and your smile blows me away. Then a few seconds ago, I saw your smile on my news feed. I wish you know how much you make someone happy, and hopefully that idea makes you happy as well.

January 13
As I was walking along the streets of Manila, I can smell the scent of mangoes and thought of you because you smell just as sweet.

Reviewing Reviews

I like reading reviews. But I’m pretty sure I don’t rely on them as much as I do on my own criteria (which I am still trying to figure out what, but we’ll get there) for deciding over buying a book or watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.

The digital era has opened the doors to a giant pool of information where almost everyone everywhere can dive in. Hence, a lot of blogs and sites have become flooded with clicks and visits because of the readily available content they provide.

If one wants to know something about a book s/he learned or heard about recently from a friend or neighbor, s/he can easily turn the computer on and google it out then a healthy amount of links will be shown to her/him talking all about that book. Same goes for food, movies, television shows and even people.

Reviews, or critiques as some may call them, somehow help us in deciding whether we should get/buy things or not. They give us a hint or a sneak peek of what to expect over something we are interested in which has already been seen or experienced by someone else. We might not know who the person behind the review is but we do allow them to sway our sense of judgment, even just a little bit.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not rely very much on reviews when I want to sense or experience something new. But I believe reviews give some third-person human experience of the thing we are interested in that’s why we tend to believe them somehow even if we don’t know the reviewer personally. Perhaps that is also the reason why I read them and still decide against them sometimes.

Whether we like it or not, we still let reviews sway our mind at times when deciding over things. It doesn’t make us less of a person nor does it mean that we are easily swayed by people we do not know. I think it just tells us that our decision-making is usually based on other people’s human experience of something interesting that we have not yet experienced ourselves.

When Words Aren’t Cheap

Words. I love them. I really do. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts in Facebook today, “I believe the best story about unrequited love is this: falling madly in love with WORDS without realizing how deep you’ve gone.”

Words make up our daily connection with mostly everything. They can be tools, materials, even weapons. They can heal you, they can steal from you, they can even inflict a great deal of damage on you without leaving a physical mark on your skin. I believe words have been used and misused by many of us, not excluding myself. That’s probably why there is this saying, “Words are cheap.” They can be used in misconduct and dishonesty. Once you use words to cut someone so deep, even a sorry would not be able to erase those scars.

But ironically and amazingly, words are meant for a lot of wonderful things in life. When used properly, they can motivate you and push you forward. They can even heal your wounds — not entirely erase them but at the very least ease the pain. It can help you grow and make you more knowledgeable of the world. It makes you bigger, it gives you further reach and may even bring you to success. That’s why I consider words not cheap, but rather, priceless.

Of course, we would get the benefits if we use them properly. Just remember that even though some people may be tossing out words as if they’re worth nothing, it’s still our choice if we would treat ours as something worth cherishing.