That One Title VII

For the 7th installment of this blog series, I would like to share the songs from OneRepublic and Augustana called Counting Stars. OneRepublic’s song is more upbeat and very catchy it would make you want to rock your head. On the other hand, Augustana’s song is slower and more emotional. I love the contrast between these two songs even though they share the same title.

I hope you enjoy listening to them like I do. 🙂

1. OneRepublic’s Counting Stars

2. Augustana’s Counting Stars


That One Title VI

So this time, I would like to share two songs which are called Secret/s. These two songs are the kind of music I listen to on a lazy weekend afternoon. Enjoy the good music!

1. Secret by Maroon 5


2. Secrets by OneRepublic

That One Title V

Today I would like to share a couple of songs I like which are both called Words. They have some other similarities besides their title. In my own interpretation of the lyrics, both songs seem to say that words can be used to hurt us but we must learn how to accept them to make ourselves stronger.

What do you think these songs mean? Do you agree with my take on these songs? Share your thoughts. And enjoy listening. 🙂

1. Words by Train

2. Words by Between The Trees

That One Title IV

This time, I would like to share two songs both called Halo. I learned about them by listening to a friend’s playlist. Instantly, I fell in love with the one sang by Bethany Joy. Beyonce’s Halo was inspirational of some sort that’s why I liked it. I hope that you get inspired by these songs today, too.

Enjoy listening!

1. Bethany Joy Lenz

2. Beyoncé

That One Title III

Here’s the third installment for my serial post about songs having the same title. The last one I posted showcased the songs of Coldplay and Imagine Dragons called “Amsterdam”. This time, I want to share with my readers songs from The Script and 30 Seconds To Mars called “Hurricane/s”. Enjoy these songs! 🙂

1. Hurricanes by The Script

2. Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars



I fell in love with this song by Parachute which is also called Hurricane. I just can’t not put it here because it’s so amazing. Feelings are so sincere and heartbreaking. Listen, guys! 😉

3. Hurricane by Parachute

That One Title II

So this is one of those posts where I share songs or whatnots that share the same name/title. The first one I posted was about three songs with the title “Broken Arrow.” This second post is about two songs I like with the title “Amsterdam.” Check out the songs below and you can drop me a comment whether you like the songs or just so-so. You can also share with me songs you know with the same titles and make a post about them here, too. 🙂

1. Amsterdam by Coldplay

2. Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons

Maybe I should make this a serial post. What do you guys think?

So I Say…

It’s a holiday today, so I got no work. I’m stuck at home doing nothing but chores. Boredom has reached yet another wondrous feat of killing the neurons out of my brain. Luckily, I have my trusted laptop to keep my eyes staring on its 13-inch screen like a ravenous beast watching for its prey to come.

Being stuck all alone in this apartment is something I never really thought would happen to me. I usually have plans of going out with friends when I have free time. It is a bit weird that I have not seen this holiday coming — even though it’s an annual thing.

Good thing about it is that I have time to think about things, to reflect on those mind-boggling matters going on inside my head. And I’m very grateful that I have good music playing in the background. Just like that famous ABBA song, I am also thankful for the music because it somehow kept me sane for today.

Music keeps my mind at ease and I feel less worried about random stuff floating in my mind. At least, for a non-working day, I stopped worrying about work stuff and got to relax my mind. I really can’t live a day without listening to a few good songs. Music is really a wonderful gift given to us humans.

So, before I begin my journey in the Game of Thrones — please don’t judge me if I’m just starting to watch it, I’m a late bloomer you see — I would like to share my song-for-today with you. Enjoy! And never ever stop listening to great music. 🙂

That One Title

I am a music-lover. And it makes my loving music more amusing when I learn about certain similarities between musicians, songs, music videos et cetera.

Recently, I learned about three totally different songs from different artists with the same title. The songs are all called Broken Arrow. Nope, they are not different renditions of each other, nor are they a revival of one another. They really are different.

There have been a lot of old and new songs which had similar titles, especially those songs which were revived, and usually I only like one of the versions. The three Broken Arrows are very interesting for me because it rarely happens that I like different songs with the same title.

Try listening to these three songs so you could understand why I like them. Then you can drop me a comment and tell me whether you liked the songs or not. My point here anyway is to share good music that I know with everybody who wants to explore more.

Enjoy listening!

1. From The Script’s #3

2. From Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds

3. From Pixie Lott’s Turn It Up Louder