Hide And Seek

I looked for you on your bed
but on it you were not
Neither hidden under the blanket
nor hugging the pillow you like a lot

I searched for you outside
under the moon and the stars
Yet even though the sun has risen
all I found were passing cars

I tried to look for you one time
at your favorite coffee shop
It was busy as usual, but then
your familiar face I found not

I passed by that little park
where you and I used to meet
But only to find our favorite bench
lonely and bare like my feet

I sat on the bench, tired and flustered
and watched the setting of the sun
As I waited for you to pick me up
and to another place we will run

I saw the moon smiling brightly at me
and the stars, in the night sky, dancing
Eyes started flooding — a waterfall!
On my cheeks, tears were rolling

I looked for you on your bed
but on it you still were not
Outside the door you were standing
and said sorry for forgetting to knock

It is tiring to play this game
Seems like you are always hiding
But what is really amusing is that
for you, I end up always seeking


Unfurl Thy Wings

Angelology (Angelology, #1)Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although it took me a long time to finally finish this book — due to always forgetting it at my parents’ house and starting to read other books — I still felt like I have just read it a few days ago.

The day I started reading it, it gave me a renewed interest in reading the Bible’s old testament. I suddenly felt the urge to look for clues regarding the Nephilim and Angelic beings. I was so hooked about Angels that, during my break times at work, I randomly searched for scientific articles and fictional stories about Angels and other celestial beings. Apparently I was deeply absorbed by the subject of the novel that I was inspired to write a story — which I planned to write as a novel but never actually finished — of my own.

Even though there were pretty long breaks between reading certain chapters, every time I open the book once again it felt as if I just stopped reading yesterday. I loved how real the existence of Nephilistic and Angelic beings felt when I read each chapter. As I progress through the story, it feels as if I was riding on a roller coaster — exhilarating, dangerous and magnetic. Even though there were certain revelations which I already assumed will happen, I still felt shocked on how engaging they were executed. Now that I finally finished reading it I suddenly feel the longing for the next book.

I’m giving this book a rating of 8/10 and I highly recommend it to readers who find interest in a science-and-faith sort of thriller books. But just a reminder, readers should be able to appreciate such literature with an open mind.

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Morning Calm Indeed

It has been more than half a month since I arrived here at Gwangju, South Korea which was enough time for me to have tons of wonderful adventures. Our classes have not yet officially started that is why we have a lot of time in our hands to go out for trips.

What has made my stay interesting so far is the opportunity to make friends who came from different parts of the world. The diversity of our group is very enriching to both mind and soul. It is amazing and fun to share different cultures with each other.

Before I came here, I always wondered why it was called the “Land of the Morning Calm.” I never knew it was somehow self-explanatory. Back in Manila, I was used to waking up at around seven in the morning and find the streets very busy. But here, even though Gwangju is a metropolitan area, I wake up at seven and find myself in a , literally, calm morning. Most places open and
most people are out on the streets at around nine in the morning. Their days start quite later compared to Manila, but their nights are just as long. Nightlife is not something to worry about if you are a party animal.

The weather is another thing that makes me love Korea even more. During midday, when the sun is at its peak, it can get hot when there are not much clouds up in the sky. But the wind still blows a cool breeze so by just staying under a tree’s shade one can already avoid the harsh heat of the sun. Or there is always a coffee shop around the corner to enjoy a cool drink or some desserts (and free WiFi of course).

Reading about South Korea having the best internet connection around the world is not just propaganda. Experiencing its high-speed internet connection firsthand is just astounding. Streaming music and videos, uploading photos and sending mails are so fast you save a lot of time to enjoy more activities. However, it is definitely not perfect so some connections — especially WiFi — can get a bit unstable sometimes.

I’m so stoked for more wonderful adventures ahead of me here in Korea. Definitely, this is a country I would recommend everyone to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Our First Night

It was the first time I saw you. Your long black hair shining amidst the darkness of the night. As it seems, the moon has grown a liking to you, like you were under a spotlight and the whole park was your stage. When you walk, it seems as if you were gliding through the clearing and the fallen leaves dance as you pass them by. My heart thudded rhythmically with every step you took. Flowers woke up from their slumber when your fingers touch their petals. The crickets played a serenade only you can make them do as if they were under a spell. Everything was simply beautiful.

You suddenly stopped and everything fell silent. Your cute little chuckle broke this silence and it melted my heart. I can feel that you were smiling even though you were not facing me yet. I choked when I was about to say something, your laugh grew louder and prettier. Listening to you when you laugh felt like I was having a music therapy. Every part of me was soothed by the mere sound of your voice. I started laughing with you, I already forgot the words I was about to say.

There was nothing else in my mind in that moment but the longing to see your face. You began walking towards the moon again. I started to follow you but for some weird reason I can’t seem to reach you. I started to run, almost tripping on a tree root, which made you stop. I saw the balls of your feet moving, you were turning to face me…finally.

If only I did not wake up, I would have seen your face. The face of that girl who makes wonderful music from her laugh. Now I am left with only this wonderful memory of spending a walk with you one night in my life without ever knowing who you are.

Keep That Passion Burning

Let’s face it, not every one is fortunate enough to be living their dreams. Some may be blessed to be doing their passion for a living. But most of us are probably doing other stuff in order to live while our passion is left inside an antique chest along with all those memories when you can still wear a genuine smile on your face.

During the long weekend, I had a chance to once again do something out of passion. I took part as a member of the Audio Team in a production. When we had our technical dress rehearsal I was able to meet once again with one of my first love, the mixer console. It was bigger than the ones I’m used to when I was in College and it just felt so amazing seeing it again and being able to actually use it — because I usually see it a lot at work but never touch or use it.

All throughout the rehearsals I had that kilig feeling moving around the whole of me from head to toe. It felt like those days when I was still in College and my friends and I would do pre-production meetings and trying out how to mix the voices of our talents properly through experimenting with all the buttons and knobs on the console. I felt excited and really happy again. Of course, in any preparation there will always be a down time. But that type of stress seemed like good stress for me because it stimulates me to think creatively for solutions.


My whole being felt so alive especially during our performance day. It was my first time to be a crew for a live stage production. I was quite anxious and really excited because this production was an anniversary special, however, I was only used to doing school productions which usually had post-production where you can still edit the scoring and cut some scenes out if it doesn’t look good. When the audience started filling in the seats I felt my heart jump out of excitement and nervousness. The show ended successfully and it felt glorious by the time we were packing up. It was uplifting knowing that you took part in the success of something really wonderful.

It feels really refreshing to be doing something you’ve always loved doing but never had time to do since what keeps you alive is practicality and not passion. I really hope that I get to participate more in such creative projects so that I can wear genuine smiles more often. ๐Ÿ™‚


What about you? Have you rekindled that burning passion you have hidden for so long? Share your experiences with me through the comment box. I’d love to hear from my readers. Thanks!

The Sunday Bucket List

If I had a bucket list, surely I would have crossed out a lot of items after the 28th of July. That Sunday was so full of activities I can’t even imagine how I and my friends got to do all of them.

Together with two of my friends from work, Mhel and Je, we started our Sunday really early. We planned to jog all the way to MOA but decided against it eventually. We ended up doing our random photoshoot first.


The mall has not yet opened but there were tons of people in green running singlets for a marathon. So we went to the bay-side where there were less people and started feeling the day. As the sun peeked through the clouds, we started randomly capturing photographs around the bay area. It took us about an hour or a bit more before finally deciding to go get something to fill our stomachs with.


After enjoying a breakfast buffet, we took some more random photographs while waiting for the mall to open. Apparently, we went there really early that we had too much time before we could start our next activity inside the mall — that is ice skating.


It was my first time to try on a pair of ice skates and slide against the icy floor of the rink. Quite embarrassing really, I fell on the rink after a few minutes of struggling on my rented skates. A few people watching outside the rink were apparently entertained by this. Well, I found myself also laughing anyway. It was a thrilling one-and-a-half hour. We then decided to go to Binondo and look for a place to eat a scrumptious Chinese meal.

lunch at Binondo

The food may seem few at first but we couldn’t finish all of it. Everything was delicious, especially the cute dumplings we had. My tummy was definitely satisfied with those that filled it during lunch. It would have been great if I could take a nap after eating, but there were still a lot of things to do. Even though the rain poured heavily and it flooded the entrance to our next stop — the National Museum — we decided to continue our little escapade, skipping the museum and going straight to the Archery range.


This day was full of firsts because it was also my first time to hold and shoot a bow and arrow. This was another fun activity, less painful than ice skating perhaps. After a few instructions about the basics from the coach, we got the hang of it as we let it rain arrows on our target sheets. I only got three shots that made it to the bull’s eye but at least I landed some. Perhaps I can be an archer someday, just need a bit more practice…or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ending a day

After our shot on archery, we went back to the mall and played billiards. Not really my first time, but I am definitely not good at this game. But it was still something I would do for fun. After getting a dose of milk tea, we went back to the skating rink to try our luck on becoming the greatest hockey players…just kidding. I actually wished I didn’t return to the rink because I fell for the third time, and this time, it was really painful that I went home with a sore back. But I think it was worth it because in the end, I had to spend my day doing a lot of leisurely activities and not worrying about other things that stress me out day-in and day-out.

Hopefully soon, I could do this again with more friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

Photos courtesy of:
Mhel, Je and Kem

Scent of The New

I simply love the scent of new things. Whenever I buy a new book, I love flipping its pages in front of my face and smelling its pages. It refreshes me, like I’m about to start a new adventure by reading the new book I acquired.

Another smell I like is that of new gadgets. The box, the user’s manual, plus the bubble wrap (in case it’s fragile) brings me excitement.

The scent of newly cut grass is also wonderful. It refreshes my mind and eases my tense muscles. It feels like I’m detoxifying when I breathe the fresh air from the province and inhale the sweet scent of freshly cut grass.

And now I smell a new year of existence coming, or rather it has already arrived. That is plus one on my age and plus a year’s worth of experience and wisdom on my mind. I look forward to another year of creating wonderful memories with my friends and my family. Also, I am grateful for being blessed with another year to pursue happiness and achieve my dreams.

The scent of wonderful things coming to my life is definitely in the air, and I am ready to embrace them. Bring it on, world!

What Am I Talking About?

Firstly, welcome to my new blog, Thoughts on a Cyber Platter. So I’m here to express those random musingsย of my mind about anything and everything under the sun. However, I’ll try my best to keep this different from my previous blog. Hopefully I can keep them both active.

Anyway, what am I really talking about based on my site title and tagline? I guess I just want to talk about almost anything on this blog. But I’ll be focusing less on emotional and more on general topics, things which most people will be able to relate to.

The topics I envision to post here range from getting stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the highway under the scorching hot sun with the car air-con unit busted to planning whom to vote for in the coming elections (but I might just not post those two topics because it won’t be a surprise anymore if I did).

Well, I look forward to everyone’s support by reading the upcoming random musings of this little mind of mine.