A Friendly Advice

I might seem a bit off to some who would read this post but I do not intend to offend anyone. I simply wish to tell the truth to some of the teenagers and 20-somethings like me that our parents owe us nothing. It is just a simple reminder so that the next time we want to act like spoiled brats in public or spend our parents’ money as if it is our own we would think twice, thrice or even a hundred times. And I am saying this not only to other people who I might actually not know, but also to myself.

Sometimes I wonder how some kids spend their parents’ money to buy expensive things one after another even if they really don’t need them without considering how hard their parents work just to provide for them. Honestly, we were not born into this world to be pampered for the rest of our lives. Come to think of it, we are the ones who owe our parents everything. Without them, we would not even exist.

Currently I am in my early twenties, working and living independently from my parents. There are still things which I can’t afford without their help so I do ask them to provide for me from time to time. But whenever I intend to ask for something, it takes me about a year to think it through before I go to them and ask. I consider the fact that I am already capable of surviving on my own which is why I have to check and double check the reason why I should be asking for their assistance. Most of the time, I come to a conclusion where I learn that I can do it on my own saving them from spending their money or effort for my sake. It is like my own way of paying back the time they have spent in taking care of me until the time I can be set free.

It is not our parents’ job to feed us when we are hungry but to teach us how to feed ourselves. They will not carry us for the rest of our lives but will teach us how to walk, how to run, how to fly to reach for our dreams. Once again, they owe us nothing but we owe them everything.

Think about it.


Just A Random Happy Post

Today as I woke up before going to work, I tried to get in touch with my feelings so I can avoid thinking too much even before my workday begins. So as I stare at my apartment’s ceiling while still lying down on my bed, I took a deep breath and started to “feel” about this day.

What my heart told me was that I am missing someone. That was the time I let my mind interrupt so that I can figure out who this is. It turned out I am missing two people, my sister and my cousin-slash-godsister.


As the day progressed I kept thinking about them, how I felt at the moment and why I suddenly missed them. Turns out I just really love them very much. That’s basically the root of it, I love and care for them. I haven’t seen my cousin for a long time since summer break (spring break in countries where there are four seasons) and I just missed how happy I felt every time we were together.

I was wondering why I missed my sister since we were just hanging out two weekends ago. Then I realized I didn’t miss her based on presence. I missed her because even though we’ve been seeing each other once a week, we never had the chance to talk to each other like we used to. Before, we had a lot of time to talk about things, about whatever is going on with each other’s life. Now, we only spend our few hours together by watching movies before going to bed.

Honestly, I was very pleased of myself because I was able to apply what I have learned in the last few days — that is to feel more than to think in order to enjoy the human experience better.

To my sister and my cousin, looking forward to seeing you. Superduper stoked to be spending time with you. 🙂