Sealed With A Kiss

Love, RosieLove, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For this book, I loved the way it was told through a collection of letters, email exchanges and chats. The characters felt real and their stories, relatable.

But then, I guess because it felt too real that it made me feel frustrated with Rosie and Alex’s love story. They couldn’t seem to just get there. It took them almost fifty years to finally find their way in each other’s arms. Yes, it was a happy ending, but I still didn’t feel that happy — I’m not sure why.

For the Epilogue, I was expecting Rosie to be grabbing a pen and paper after reading the last letter and then before she ends her reply Alex would knock on her door and instead of writing the words she wanted to say all this time, she would finally say it to him face to face. But that’s just something I imagined. The ending was still romantic.

After finishing the book, I still felt frustrated for all the missed opportunities which presented themselves to the main characters. I was wishing that somehow, they’d get together and finally face some dilemmas “together” instead of facing challenges keeping them apart. I guess that’s why there were some parts (particularly in Parts 4 & 5) that felt a bit dragging because it just presents same problems in different settings all over again. Probably that’s why I felt really frustrated for them.

Also, I can’t stop thinking that Katie and Toby’s love story was told as a wake-up call to the main protagonists. The Katie-Toby story was Rosie and Alex’s could’ve been if only they were brave enough to risk their strongly founded friendship and going beyond one step higher.

I guess, from what I gathered in their story, timing is such a fickle friend. You never really know when it’s going to help you or when it’s going to leave you in a battered state. Anyway, I hope I get to move on quickly from this frustration since Rosie and Alex finally found their happy ending. 😉

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Writer’s Block V – A Lack Of Creative Juice

Recently I’ve reverted to doodling or doing simple sketches. Now I feel like I badly need to produce tons of creative output because it has been so long since I last created an artistic work or a good literary piece. I even bought a pen tablet so that I can directly make my drawings digital. But whenever I start facing my computer and opening certain programs — whether Photoshop, FireAlpaca or even Notepad — my fingers suddenly get stuck on the mouse pad making circles with the cursor while my brain tries to conceptualize what I want to draw or write. For example, a few minutes before actually writing this post I have already written around 150 words about something else which I randomly deleted leaving me once again with an empty Notepad window. Therefore I decided to just write about how I could not find the motivation to write something that would be worth reading or draw something worth seeing and sharing.

Some people tell me to just put it out there and let my creative juices flow whether or not it’s a great work just so I have an output. The point is to not stop writing or drawing until I finally get to the point when I am actually producing something wonderful. I feel sparks whenever I think about this advice. But apparently, it’s not enough to keep me bursting with enthusiasm.

At times, when people ask me why not just write something, I just give them a nonchalant shrug and say that it’s too cold for my brain to work (sure, blame it on the weather). There might be a connection between shorter, colder days and my brain’s creative juice shortage but probably that’s not the main reason why I just can’t make any creative outputs lately.

However, I am truly hoping that practicing with my new pen tablet would jumpstart my gears and make my brain overflow with creative juice once more.


Me: Yey! A pen tablet. Now I can do a lot of digital sketches!
Brain: Hehe… Good luck with that.
Me: T^T

Her Movie Poster

Technology, Love and Social Norms

(A sort-of review of the movie Her)

A disclaimer of some sort: Please do not let my little knowledge of film bother you in anyway when I start to blabber about technicalities about the movie Her. I am not a renowned film critic so please do not contemplate too much on my points and think that I am such a know-it-all who likes to persuade everyone else with my opinion as absolute truth. So yeah, if you agree then great, if you disagree, I am always open for other people’s opinions because I know mine is not the universal truth.

— — —

It boggles my mind how society manipulates our minds and tells us that things like this or things as such are considered normal — or abnormal to some extent. Even the emotional aspect of our lives are dictated by the norms of society: a man can only love a woman; you achieve happiness when you get married; a celebrity’s plight should cause the whole world sadness; and the list goes on. I wonder if there is a possibility in the near (or far) future when social abnormalities are the new norms that everybody accepts.

After watching the movie Her, I contemplated on some parts of the movie which, based on my mind formed by the current social norms, seem awkward. When Theodore told his friend that he was dating his operating system (OS), Samantha, his friend’s initial reaction intrigued me. She might have thought it was weird the first time but she asked deeper stuff as if he just revealed that he was simply dating a celebrity or something. They talked about Samantha as if they were just in a long-distance relationship. Of course I personally felt awkward. Although, considering that the movie was set during the not-so-near future, I guess it would have made some sense on the social norms of their time.

Honestly I really liked the story, how it deals with the concept of love and reality, how it tackles the idea of breaking the norms and things that bind us to being one-dimensional beings instead of becoming real multi-dimensional humans. For me, the film would have been good literature.

However, I can’t generally say that I loved the whole of it. I felt like it lacked some more push on the feelings section. There were parts of the movie which could have nudged the audience’s feelings to reaching its peak, but when you feel like your tears would break free any time soon, the moment just stops and you’d feel, for lack of a better term, disappointed. There were also some shots which, for me, seemed out of place. On their own, they were really good shots, but we do not just put pretty things together and think it will appear pretty as a whole right?

Overall, I’d give the movie a score of 7/10. The story and concept would surely capture your interest and it will somehow pinch a part of your heart. Some parts of the technical side may have lacked little things but I would still recommend it as a movie to watch. Also, who wouldn’t want to hear Scarlett Johansson’s sexy voice, right? 😉

Keep That Passion Burning

Let’s face it, not every one is fortunate enough to be living their dreams. Some may be blessed to be doing their passion for a living. But most of us are probably doing other stuff in order to live while our passion is left inside an antique chest along with all those memories when you can still wear a genuine smile on your face.

During the long weekend, I had a chance to once again do something out of passion. I took part as a member of the Audio Team in a production. When we had our technical dress rehearsal I was able to meet once again with one of my first love, the mixer console. It was bigger than the ones I’m used to when I was in College and it just felt so amazing seeing it again and being able to actually use it — because I usually see it a lot at work but never touch or use it.

All throughout the rehearsals I had that kilig feeling moving around the whole of me from head to toe. It felt like those days when I was still in College and my friends and I would do pre-production meetings and trying out how to mix the voices of our talents properly through experimenting with all the buttons and knobs on the console. I felt excited and really happy again. Of course, in any preparation there will always be a down time. But that type of stress seemed like good stress for me because it stimulates me to think creatively for solutions.


My whole being felt so alive especially during our performance day. It was my first time to be a crew for a live stage production. I was quite anxious and really excited because this production was an anniversary special, however, I was only used to doing school productions which usually had post-production where you can still edit the scoring and cut some scenes out if it doesn’t look good. When the audience started filling in the seats I felt my heart jump out of excitement and nervousness. The show ended successfully and it felt glorious by the time we were packing up. It was uplifting knowing that you took part in the success of something really wonderful.

It feels really refreshing to be doing something you’ve always loved doing but never had time to do since what keeps you alive is practicality and not passion. I really hope that I get to participate more in such creative projects so that I can wear genuine smiles more often. 🙂


What about you? Have you rekindled that burning passion you have hidden for so long? Share your experiences with me through the comment box. I’d love to hear from my readers. Thanks!

Reviewing Reviews

I like reading reviews. But I’m pretty sure I don’t rely on them as much as I do on my own criteria (which I am still trying to figure out what, but we’ll get there) for deciding over buying a book or watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.

The digital era has opened the doors to a giant pool of information where almost everyone everywhere can dive in. Hence, a lot of blogs and sites have become flooded with clicks and visits because of the readily available content they provide.

If one wants to know something about a book s/he learned or heard about recently from a friend or neighbor, s/he can easily turn the computer on and google it out then a healthy amount of links will be shown to her/him talking all about that book. Same goes for food, movies, television shows and even people.

Reviews, or critiques as some may call them, somehow help us in deciding whether we should get/buy things or not. They give us a hint or a sneak peek of what to expect over something we are interested in which has already been seen or experienced by someone else. We might not know who the person behind the review is but we do allow them to sway our sense of judgment, even just a little bit.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not rely very much on reviews when I want to sense or experience something new. But I believe reviews give some third-person human experience of the thing we are interested in that’s why we tend to believe them somehow even if we don’t know the reviewer personally. Perhaps that is also the reason why I read them and still decide against them sometimes.

Whether we like it or not, we still let reviews sway our mind at times when deciding over things. It doesn’t make us less of a person nor does it mean that we are easily swayed by people we do not know. I think it just tells us that our decision-making is usually based on other people’s human experience of something interesting that we have not yet experienced ourselves.

Out with the Old and In with the New

After five long years, finally, my first ever laptop which I fondly call Bendita has now retired and been relieved of her duties. I sensed that she’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Since the 3rd year I’ve used my laptop, she has been showing signs of deterioration already. The battery seems to have run dry that a fully-charged battery only lasted for less than 10 minutes. Then in her fourth year the clock stopped, so every time I turn the laptop on, it’s clock and calendar is reset to 01/01/01 00:00. This year, she started to be a bitch about her age that she just randomly turns off without any notifications whatsoever. Also, Bendita randomly hangs in the middle of a movie or while I’m in the middle of typing a blog post then shuts down after a minute of inactivity. I guess she’s just trying to tell me how much work she had already done in the past five years that it’s time for me to let her go.

Even though Bendita has become menopausal already, I still love her a lot because she had done so much in those five years we have spent together as partners. She helped me out in my school papers and researches. I was able to create a bunch of productions with her help. And of course, I am very grateful because without Bendita I would have not been able to finish my thesis and graduate from college.

However, there will always come a time when things start to go downhill. We have to learn to accept that there are those things which do not last forever, hence, we have to let go. With regard to our partnership, that time has finally arrived.

I say, not “goodbye”, but “see you around” to Bendita because I know we will never part ways entirely — since she is just there in my room at my parents’ house. Now it’s time to say “hello” and welcome my new laptop and partner, Buchoy. I look forward to producing more wonderful outputs with this kid. 🙂