Kem is a very random person. He is a 90s kid and loves pop culture. He loves listening to music especially when he is bored, depressed, happy and every other feeling you can think of.

This person has a lot of random ideas running around his mind like how to bake a cake without yeast, how to use a PET bottle as a weapon, how to do karate, how time is able to fly without wings while an ostrich can’t, and how to conquer the world if you’re a procrastinator.

He always has to have his daily dose of music: 1mg of Blues, 3cal of Kpop, 2g Acoustic, and 5mg Indie. He is a big fan of Asian pop culture and music, especially the Korean culture. Eating kimchi is one of his many passions. He wants to be re-born as a Korean someday, or if not, at least an immortal tree.

A self-proclaimed pessimist, it is very rare for his close friends to see him overjoyed or hear optimistic comments from him. But he is a very good listener and sometimes gives good advice — or so he thinks.

Currently, he resides in the Land of the Morning Calm for graduate studies but originated from the Pearl of the Orient Seas. As he pursues his studies he also plans to take a chance on following his dream of becoming a K-Pop Star — just kidding.

Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on the random musings of that little matter inside this guy’s cranium served on his cyber platter.


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