Reviewing Reviews

I like reading reviews. But I’m pretty sure I don’t rely on them as much as I do on my own criteria (which I am still trying to figure out what, but we’ll get there) for deciding over buying a book or watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.

The digital era has opened the doors to a giant pool of information where almost everyone everywhere can dive in. Hence, a lot of blogs and sites have become flooded with clicks and visits because of the readily available content they provide.

If one wants to know something about a book s/he learned or heard about recently from a friend or neighbor, s/he can easily turn the computer on and google it out then a healthy amount of links will be shown to her/him talking all about that book. Same goes for food, movies, television shows and even people.

Reviews, or critiques as some may call them, somehow help us in deciding whether we should get/buy things or not. They give us a hint or a sneak peek of what to expect over something we are interested in which has already been seen or experienced by someone else. We might not know who the person behind the review is but we do allow them to sway our sense of judgment, even just a little bit.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not rely very much on reviews when I want to sense or experience something new. But I believe reviews give some third-person human experience of the thing we are interested in that’s why we tend to believe them somehow even if we don’t know the reviewer personally. Perhaps that is also the reason why I read them and still decide against them sometimes.

Whether we like it or not, we still let reviews sway our mind at times when deciding over things. It doesn’t make us less of a person nor does it mean that we are easily swayed by people we do not know. I think it just tells us that our decision-making is usually based on other people’s human experience of something interesting that we have not yet experienced ourselves.


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