Out with the Old and In with the New

After five long years, finally, my first ever laptop which I fondly call Bendita has now retired and been relieved of her duties. I sensed that she’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Since the 3rd year I’ve used my laptop, she has been showing signs of deterioration already. The battery seems to have run dry that a fully-charged battery only lasted for less than 10 minutes. Then in her fourth year the clock stopped, so every time I turn the laptop on, it’s clock and calendar is reset to 01/01/01 00:00. This year, she started to be a bitch about her age that she just randomly turns off without any notifications whatsoever. Also, Bendita randomly hangs in the middle of a movie or while I’m in the middle of typing a blog post then shuts down after a minute of inactivity. I guess she’s just trying to tell me how much work she had already done in the past five years that it’s time for me to let her go.

Even though Bendita has become menopausal already, I still love her a lot because she had done so much in those five years we have spent together as partners. She helped me out in my school papers and researches. I was able to create a bunch of productions with her help. And of course, I am very grateful because without Bendita I would have not been able to finish my thesis and graduate from college.

However, there will always come a time when things start to go downhill. We have to learn to accept that there are those things which do not last forever, hence, we have to let go. With regard to our partnership, that time has finally arrived.

I say, not “goodbye”, but “see you around” to Bendita because I know we will never part ways entirely — since she is just there in my room at my parents’ house. Now it’s time to say “hello” and welcome my new laptop and partner, Buchoy. I look forward to producing more wonderful outputs with this kid. 🙂


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