For the Love of Books

It was the second time I indulged myself in this certain book therapy also known as the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). It’s an annual book fair where bookworms, authors and publishers unite to exchange and share thoughts, love and appreciation for the literary arts. This year, it was held at the SMX Convention Center on September 11 to 15, 2013.

Last year was the first time I ever enjoyed a book fair. That time, I was not yet able to control myself that I forgot about my budget. But can you blame a hardcore book-lover from going crazy over shelf after shelf of books with discounted prices?

Of course this year, I came prepared. I already allocated a budget for this once-in-a-year event so that I can control how much to spend and how many books to buy. And I made sure these books and literary works are all on top of my checklist so that I would be reading them for sure and not get stuck for a while in my book box.

When I learned about it, the first person I automatically thought of inviting was my co-book-lover cousin, Che. Although she recently bought some books — since it’s her birthday month — she still said yes and went to the MIBF with me.

For us, it was such a wonderful sight entering the halls of the venue. Regardless of the crowd, we managed to go around and check out shelves and stacks of books. I almost lost my cool that my insides started to panic. It was so hard to resist buying a lot of good titles. Good thing my cousin was there — she kept getting out of sight that I have to look for her — so that I would stop the urge of picking up another book which I might not be able to read yet.

inside MIBF

I consider books as gateways, a sort of portal. They allow me to travel to different places, to distant lands, through time and space — all of these things without leaving the comfort of my bed. Books sway me, they can make me cry or laugh out loud, or even scare me to the point of insanity. But that’s the wonder I found in books. That’s the luster that captures my eyes. It’s a wonder how books can deceive me, how they can make me believe I am living in the stories they tell instead of just reading them. These are some wonderful treasures, those books. We may find ourselves drowning in each chapter, each page, each word found in books without realizing how deep we had gone.

Books keep me sane when the real world starts to drag me down. A pinch of fantasy, a dash of fiction and a few drops of poetry can turn a frown on my face into a smile. They are like optimism that fuels my mind and body in order to keep going — considering that I am one helluva pessimist.

Personally, I have a lot of reasons why I consider books as my second great love — next to food, of course — and I don’t really think they would all fit in this blog post. I mean, they might but nobody would actually read a very long post, right? Literature is a blessing I would never get tired of receiving. So there, before I start to drag and say a lot more nonsense about how much I love books, I must be off to a brand new world/time/space or whatever and start a new adventure with books I recently purchased. 🙂


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