The Sunday Bucket List

If I had a bucket list, surely I would have crossed out a lot of items after the 28th of July. That Sunday was so full of activities I can’t even imagine how I and my friends got to do all of them.

Together with two of my friends from work, Mhel and Je, we started our Sunday really early. We planned to jog all the way to MOA but decided against it eventually. We ended up doing our random photoshoot first.


The mall has not yet opened but there were tons of people in green running singlets for a marathon. So we went to the bay-side where there were less people and started feeling the day. As the sun peeked through the clouds, we started randomly capturing photographs around the bay area. It took us about an hour or a bit more before finally deciding to go get something to fill our stomachs with.


After enjoying a breakfast buffet, we took some more random photographs while waiting for the mall to open. Apparently, we went there really early that we had too much time before we could start our next activity inside the mall — that is ice skating.


It was my first time to try on a pair of ice skates and slide against the icy floor of the rink. Quite embarrassing really, I fell on the rink after a few minutes of struggling on my rented skates. A few people watching outside the rink were apparently entertained by this. Well, I found myself also laughing anyway. It was a thrilling one-and-a-half hour. We then decided to go to Binondo and look for a place to eat a scrumptious Chinese meal.

lunch at Binondo

The food may seem few at first but we couldn’t finish all of it. Everything was delicious, especially the cute dumplings we had. My tummy was definitely satisfied with those that filled it during lunch. It would have been great if I could take a nap after eating, but there were still a lot of things to do. Even though the rain poured heavily and it flooded the entrance to our next stop — the National Museum — we decided to continue our little escapade, skipping the museum and going straight to the Archery range.


This day was full of firsts because it was also my first time to hold and shoot a bow and arrow. This was another fun activity, less painful than ice skating perhaps. After a few instructions about the basics from the coach, we got the hang of it as we let it rain arrows on our target sheets. I only got three shots that made it to the bull’s eye but at least I landed some. Perhaps I can be an archer someday, just need a bit more practice…or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ending a day

After our shot on archery, we went back to the mall and played billiards. Not really my first time, but I am definitely not good at this game. But it was still something I would do for fun. After getting a dose of milk tea, we went back to the skating rink to try our luck on becoming the greatest hockey players…just kidding. I actually wished I didn’t return to the rink because I fell for the third time, and this time, it was really painful that I went home with a sore back. But I think it was worth it because in the end, I had to spend my day doing a lot of leisurely activities and not worrying about other things that stress me out day-in and day-out.

Hopefully soon, I could do this again with more friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

Photos courtesy of:
Mhel, Je and Kem


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Bucket List

  1. sayang di natin natry mag bowling.

    Let’s do this again! I have some set of activities in mind that we can squeeze again in a day. All first time rin “sana” ito.
    – paint ball
    – go cart
    – shooting range
    – UP observatory

    GAME? ๐Ÿ˜€

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