Team Spirit [?]

It saddens me somehow to see my Twitter feed get flooded with all these NBA Game 7 updates. I am not a hater, just to clarify, but I guess not being a fan of Basketball makes me a bit less passionate compared to my overly ecstatic friends who subconsciously keep me updated of the happenings.

What makes me sad is that none of my friends seem to know that the Philippine Volcanoes — our own national Rugby team — will be participating in the coming Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 at Moscow, Russia. I’m not a big fan of Rugby either, but I did tweet about them, wishing them luck on their competition because I do feel a certain affinity with them since they are also Filipinos.

I’m not a big follower of sports, but I do like watching it. However, I believe that as a Filipino I should show more passion in supporting the national team over a foreign team. I am not saying that we should not support the teams we believe in whether it be foreign or local, but rather, we should also be supportive of our very own national teams. Not just Rugby or Basketball, but with all the other athletes of all the other sports.

Maybe if we show the same passion we have for foreign athletes to our own local teams, it would help boost their morale and even become champions in the big league. With just a little bit of Team Spirit from each of us, we may be able to make a difference. Maybe someday the Philippine Athletes will become overall champions in the world.

That, my friends, is a very attainable dream only if we put our hearts into it.


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