Scent of The New

I simply love the scent of new things. Whenever I buy a new book, I love flipping its pages in front of my face and smelling its pages. It refreshes me, like I’m about to start a new adventure by reading the new book I acquired.

Another smell I like is that of new gadgets. The box, the user’s manual, plus the bubble wrap (in case it’s fragile) brings me excitement.

The scent of newly cut grass is also wonderful. It refreshes my mind and eases my tense muscles. It feels like I’m detoxifying when I breathe the fresh air from the province and inhale the sweet scent of freshly cut grass.

And now I smell a new year of existence coming, or rather it has already arrived. That is plus one on my age and plus a year’s worth of experience and wisdom on my mind. I look forward to another year of creating wonderful memories with my friends and my family. Also, I am grateful for being blessed with another year to pursue happiness and achieve my dreams.

The scent of wonderful things coming to my life is definitely in the air, and I am ready to embrace them. Bring it on, world!


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