It Always Goes Wrong

When we expect things to go perfectly, it will not. Stop thinking that everything will always be perfect because things just always go wrong.

Nothing in this world can be perfect. You may have done the right thing or walked the right path, but there will always be a flaw no matter how small.

Starting off your week with a bright enthusiasm and ending the first day with a bad news is just a simple example. Waking up the next day while a tragic incident is happening, like say, a fire approximately five houses away from your place of abode, is another.

We can’t always expect things to happen exactly as we planned them because they will never do. But of course, people always hope for the best things to happen.

Maybe I lost that hope. I lost all hope since every time I hope for something, nothing comes out of it. It just is sad that at times when all you hold on to is the hope for a better outcome, you start seeing a ray of light, but then realize it was not meant for you.

If you went on a very long journey and ended up on the edge of a cliff, which would you rather do, turn around and go back that treacherous path or jump off the cliff? Indeed, it would be a very hard choice, and we may never be able to answer it until it finally happens to us firsthand.

Our minds may perceive perfection, but it will always be almost impossible to achieve it. Always be ready for the worst to happen however well-prepared you may have been, because in this life even though we believe that nothing can go wrong, something will always go wrong.


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