So I Say…

It’s a holiday today, so I got no work. I’m stuck at home doing nothing but chores. Boredom has reached yet another wondrous feat of killing the neurons out of my brain. Luckily, I have my trusted laptop to keep my eyes staring on its 13-inch screen like a ravenous beast watching for its prey to come.

Being stuck all alone in this apartment is something I never really thought would happen to me. I usually have plans of going out with friends when I have free time. It is a bit weird that I have not seen this holiday coming — even though it’s an annual thing.

Good thing about it is that I have time to think about things, to reflect on those mind-boggling matters going on inside my head. And I’m very grateful that I have good music playing in the background. Just like that famous ABBA song, I am also thankful for the music because it somehow kept me sane for today.

Music keeps my mind at ease and I feel less worried about random stuff floating in my mind. At least, for a non-working day, I stopped worrying about work stuff and got to relax my mind. I really can’t live a day without listening to a few good songs. Music is really a wonderful gift given to us humans.

So, before I begin my journey in the Game of Thrones — please don’t judge me if I’m just starting to watch it, I’m a late bloomer you see — I would like to share my song-for-today with you. Enjoy! And never ever stop listening to great music. 🙂


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