Why Terror Exists

Recent news tell us about bombings, explosions, and a lot of other stuff done by terrorists. Why do they do it? What motivates them?

The human psyche is such a complicated thing to understand. However we try to solve certain matters or predict certain patterns concerning how the human mind works, it’s just quite unachievable.

I have been wondering for so long why there are people who just simply love spreading terror among their fellowmen. Does it give them that schadenfreude-type of pleasure? But I cannot seem to comprehend how the proliferation of terror is justified.

Some say, the negative exists so that we can appreciate the positive more. Like sadness, so that we can really feel how wonderful true joy is. Or like evil, it exists so that we understand what is good and be more appreciative of it.

So I wonder, does terror exist so that we can fully appreciate comfort and safety? I think it only leaves us even more terrified knowing that it exists in this world and that, ultimately, comfort and safety are too far-fetched.

It is truly hard for me to understand why terrorists do what they do. And maybe I will never be able to fully comprehend their motives or their goals for doing such terrifying acts. But I hope that somehow, some day, terror will be less of a worry of this world so that we can finally achieve — like what most beauty queens used to say — World Peace.


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