Air Compatibilty

Gemini, the twins, is one of the twelve star signs or zodiacs in astrology. Based on the zodiacs’ group in triplicity, Gemini is one of the three Air signs, the others being Libra and Aquarius. Based on quality or the zodiacs’ group in quadruplicity, it is the Mutable sign among the three Air signs. Mutable signs are those who are the most flexible among the other signs. Other Mutable signs are Sagittarius (Mutable Fire), Pisces (Mutable Water) and Virgo (Mutable Earth).

I am a Gemini. I am a Mutable Air. Like air, I value freedom very much. Being encaged is equivalent to death for an air sign like me. Needless to say, air signs are not good friends with chains and locks. I love being able to freely express myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my intellect, my feelings. Unfortunately for the latter, air signs are not the best in that area.

Feelings and emotions are the water signs’ forte. It would be good for air signs to get advice from water signs with regard to handling feelings. However, air signs have to keep the balance between their rationality and the empathy they learn from water signs.

In terms of execution, a fire sign is the best companion for air signs. They tend to be more motivated and aggressive when it comes to making things happen. Air’s creative ideas and good communication skills plus the motivation and enthusiasm of fire leads to great innovations. Probably, air should just be a bit careful when it comes to decision-making initiated by fire.

If air signs want things to be grounded and be kept as is, earth signs are the best partners. Earth can help air to keep its feet on the ground. The earth signs are very consistent and stable. If you are working on a project based on certain standards, be confident that earth will help keep air on track.

Maybe you wonder how this relates to your life. Well, if you are an air sign, particularly a Gemini like me, then you know how you can find effective companions on things you want to achieve. If your sign is from another element, then you would know how you can help an air sign such as myself.

But of course, we should always remember that these zodiacs are meant to guide us and not to dictate the course of our lives. If you’re interested about your element and zodiac, there are lots of resources which you can find on the internet. You can start with my references below.

I wish you good fortune in exploring and finding out more about yourself through the signs.

 zodiac groups

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