That One Title

I am a music-lover. And it makes my loving music more amusing when I learn about certain similarities between musicians, songs, music videos et cetera.

Recently, I learned about three totally different songs from different artists with the same title. The songs are all called Broken Arrow. Nope, they are not different renditions of each other, nor are they a revival of one another. They really are different.

There have been a lot of old and new songs which had similar titles, especially those songs which were revived, and usually I only like one of the versions. The three Broken Arrows are very interesting for me because it rarely happens that I like different songs with the same title.

Try listening to these three songs so you could understand why I like them. Then you can drop me a comment and tell me whether you liked the songs or not. My point here anyway is to share good music that I know with everybody who wants to explore more.

Enjoy listening!

1. From The Script’s #3

2. From Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds

3. From Pixie Lott’s Turn It Up Louder


3 thoughts on “That One Title

  1. I’m most familiar with the Pixie Lott song (a different rendition was used in Beastly’s OST), but it’s interesting how a “broken arrow” was used to represent 3 different heart situations.

    So which song do you relate to the most? Hahaha.

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