What Am I Talking About?

Firstly, welcome to my new blog, Thoughts on a Cyber Platter. So I’m here to express those random musings of my mind about anything and everything under the sun. However, I’ll try my best to keep this different from my previous blog. Hopefully I can keep them both active.

Anyway, what am I really talking about based on my site title and tagline? I guess I just want to talk about almost anything on this blog. But I’ll be focusing less on emotional and more on general topics, things which most people will be able to relate to.

The topics I envision to post here range from getting stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the highway under the scorching hot sun with the car air-con unit busted to planning whom to vote for in the coming elections (but I might just not post those two topics because it won’t be a surprise anymore if I did).

Well, I look forward to everyone’s support by reading the upcoming random musings of this little mind of mine.


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